Benefits for the Community

The Boulder Treatment Courts benefit everyone in the community. The first to see the benefits are the actual participants who are turning their lives around. Your donation helps Boulder County reduce crime and helps turn Boulder Treatment Court participants into tax-paying members of our community. Start the cycle of change now!

Cost savings

  • Reduction of jail time for participants is dramatic.
  • While in the Boulder Treatment Court program, participants are reducing their need for community resources.

Less recidivism means safer communities

  • Addresses the causes of criminal activity reducing recidivism.
  • Reduced crime leads to increased public safety.

Increasing stability in the home

  • Keeping families intact helps build strong foundations for children.
  • Courts reinforce positive support systems to create stronger families.
  • If the wage earner is incarcerated, the financial stress on the family dramatically increases.

Participant employment

  • All participants are required to have jobs or have a stable source of income.
  • Employment establishes strong work habits.
  • Employed participants become tax-payers
  • Participation requires frequent and random drug testing

Turning lives around

  • Graduates break the chronic cycle of crime and substance abuse.