Make an Impact

Homelessness, crime, and drug abuse are real issues in Boulder County. Through your donation, you can make a direct impact on participants in the Boulder Treatment Courts.

Change a life

    • Sponsor a participant” with our suggested donations that provide incentives, housing, counseling, transportation and other services. You can help more participants enter the treatment courts. Your gift will allow more participants into the program and motivates change.

Give more than money

    • The Boulder Treatment Courts require community commitment and participation. Monetary support is critical, but non-monetary resources can be just as valuable for long-term program success. Talk to us more about in-kind donations for the incentive programs.

Help reduce crime in Boulder County

Make a positive impact

Save taxpayer dollars

    • For every dollar invested in drug courts, taxpayers save as much as $12. []

Save lives

    • Drug courts are six times more likely to keep individuals in treatment long enough for them to stabilize in the recovery process. []

Reunite families

    • Family drug court reunites children with their parents – breaking the cycle of addiction. []

Your gift also offers other direct taxpayer benefits. 85% fewer Boulder County jail beds have been needed since the program started. This has saved Boulder County taxpayers approximately $2.5 million. [Boulder Treatment Court study 2006 - 2011] & [Boulder Treatment Court study 2006 - 2011]